RoboFlight does not provide customers with just a piece of equipment. We provide integrated systems ready to work for you that include the aerial vehicle, sensors and software to capture, process and analyze your imagery, flight training at our RoboFlight UAS Flight School, parts and repair service as well as customer support.

RF70 Aircraft

  • Uniquely constructed of 2.0 density EPP foam for extreme durability
  • Up to 4 configurable storage payload compartments
  • Easily replaceable verticals fins that also serve as landing skids for additional fuselage protection
  • Reinforced leading edges on wings for added protection
  • Durable balsa elevons for responsive flight control
  • Single servo cable plug-in for connecting wings to fuselage
  • Unmanned and autonomous flight as well as "Fly By Wire" mode
  • Telemetry system, GPS, autopilot and mission planning software included for easy mapping
  • 600 average acres per hour on a single battery (@ 400' AGL)
  • Includes 18 megapixel Near Infrared Camera Sensor with specialized lens combination
  • 2-4 pound average sensor payload with up to 60 minutes battery endurance (capable of longer duration with additional battery)
  • Rugged bungee launcher for consistent field launches included
  • Travel case for safe transport
  • Flight tested up to 30 mph winds
  • Aircraft dry weight of 6 pounds
  • 70" Wingspan
  • Breaks down to three components for easy transport (two wings, fuselage)
  • Features "loop and hook" wing connectors for easy wing assembly

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